Tale as Old as Time

Hello book butterflies!

You don’t have to know me very well to be able to guess that my favorite Disney classic is “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s an obvious choice for a bibliophile.

You know those girls nights where you and all your friends get together and binge Disney movies while drinking three-buck-chuck wine and eventually you all decide it’s a great idea to figure out which Disney character everyone is, like a boozy real life Buzzfeed quiz? Well, I’m always Belle, and unlike whoever ends up with Snow White because we’ve had too much wine and can’t think of anything better, I am always happy to be the Belle of the group.

So, when Disney came out with a new, live action, “Beauty and the Beast” there was no question of me going to see it ASAP. A week ago I was lucky enough to do so with my darling younger sister, a fellow Belle lover herself.

Now, I know that there is some debate about this whole trend of live action versions of Disney classics, but I think it’s quite enjoyable. I loved simply how beautiful the new “Cinderella” movie was (and who wouldn’t love Jon Snow playing Prince Charming) and “Beauty and the Beast” was equally enjoyable. The visuals, costumes, scenery, and special effects, is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of these movies. And let’s face it Gaston (Luke Evans) was pretty great too!


Though I certainly didn’t sneer at the Beast (Dan Stevens) either.


Aside from the *scenery* the movie itself was good as well. Disney used the well known plot from the original film and even the same songs we all know by heart and then added a little extra to fill out the more 2D animated version. We got a background story on Belle’s life and an explanation as to why none of the villagers remember that rather large castle and it’s seemingly wealthy and powerful prince who lived basically on their doorstep. Have no fear, all of the changes were excellently done and none of them really felt out of place with the original story line. Though perhaps the most press worthy change was not in plot but in character. Gaston’s comical side kick Lefou is no longer the humorous ill-meaning fool  but rather a lovable well-meaning character following along with the will of his comrade out of loyalty and love. Much more relatable and so much fun!

Overall, I definitely recommend seeing this movie, even if it is for the nostalgia!

The “Beauty and the Beast” tradition as a whole is one that I have always adored, and not just for the large library. There is simply something very endearing about it if you don’t think too much about Stockholm syndrome. So, I’ve been listening on Audible to a rather good version of this well-known tale, “A Court of Thrones and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas. This work is actually a unique blend of “Beauty and the Beast” and one of my favorite tales of Irish folklore “Tam Lin”. I have seen this book everywhere lately so this week when I had to travel a long way for meetings I downloaded it and gave it a try. Now I love it so much that I wish I was reading it! I much prefer reading to listening when I really get into a book. I’m half-way through now so I’ll give you all a review when I’m finished but for now I’m going to run off and see how cheaply I can get it on my kindle ASAP!




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