Blogger, It’s Cold Outside!

Hello book lovers!

Goodness it is cold out today! I woke up to a chilly 28 degrees that feels more like 8, quite a shock when just earlier this week I was enjoying strolls with the dogs in comfy 70 degree weather. The weather here has become more fickle than ever. Today the dogs and I had to bundle up before daring to step outside and rushed to cuddle by the fire as soon as our morning walk was over.

Today is a day where a hot cuppa is an unquestionable necessity and where TV binge guilt is non-existent. I’m enjoying taking this frozen-in day to spruce up my blog space a bit, catch up on some reading, and check-in my favorite instagrammers and bloggers.


I am continuing reading “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova today. I am loving this book, it’s part suspense, part history, part mystery, part romance. Such a dizzying combination of genres that only a truly gifted storyteller can weave together into a well crafted work. It follows three generations of historians in a pan-European search for the truth behind the ruthless Vlad the Impaler, a truth both terrifying and surprisingly believable in a work of historical fiction. Kostova clearly did a fantastic job of researching her subject matter and her hard work pays off in the intricacy and captivating nature of her book. It is rather dense and I won’t lie it is taking me quite a while to get through. I have been working my way through “The Historian” at the same time that I am diving into works of poetry and fun rereads. Mainly this is due to the fact that I can’t read it at night! I’ve never felt particularly jumpy but Kostova’s story makes me check my closet twice for Vlad and his minions before curling up in bed at night, so I’ve decided it’s best to read in the daylight.


Along with this historical page-turner today I’m sipping on a particularly fancy cuppa. It’s a roasted almond mix from Capital Teas and it smells heavenly! I was told technically it’s not a tea but a fruit tisane which I assume means an decaffeinated hot beverage that smells like sugar, spice, and everything nice. Literally this tea smells and tastes like a freshly baked sugar cookie! I’m in love! Someone will have to break it to Mr. Darcy that I’m leaving him for a cup of tea! I hope he’s not to bitter, at least he’ll have Elizabeth to console him I suppose.


But let’s leave my obsession for hot drinks for a moment and talk about other cozy, comfy loves, like these instagrams and blogs that I simply can’t get enough of:

Click and Wander

Muted Rose Mercantile

The Cottage Nest

A Clothes Horse

Coco Rose Diaries

These are some of my biggest inspirations when writing my own blog and starting my journey as a young twenty-something in the real world. So, if your enjoying this blog go and check out these, I promise you’ll be inspired too!




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