Literary Cravings

I haven’t been to a real bookstore in quite some time so yesterday I decided to treat myself while I was running errands in the city. I took the metro past the capitol and up to Eastern Market. If you’ve never been to this area of D.C. you really ought to take a couple hours to explore this lovely spot. Eastern Market is a quaint section of the city full of unique little shops, most locally owned, and of course the open air market that provides the area with it’s name (though of course it is relegated to it’s indoor property in the frigid weather). It is such a lovable section of our nations capitol that I couldn’t help but smile walking down 7th street, despite the thirty-something chill and the windy whipping my hair into a frenzy. Perhaps one of my must-visits here in Eastern Market is Capitol Hill Books. You may have seen pictures of this locally owned bookstore of pinterest or instagram like this I found on BookBub:


This stores charm is easy to see. The windows are filled to the brim with books, blocking the sunlight from reaching the large collection inside, but for book lovers it is a welcoming sight. The inside holds true to the bookish promise displayed in the windows. This bookstore is simply bursting with literature! The shelves run from floor to ceiling, quite literally. Chaucer is notably tucked up near the rafters on the second floor above works such as James Fenimore Cooper and Lewis Carol. The stores selection runs the gamut from sci-fi in the basement to poetry in the attic. The selection is so dizzily packed in that finding that perfect book  can look like an intimidating feat, but have no fear! The shop is conveniently supplied with a multitude of signs, sometimes even humorous, that will point you in the proper direction. Oh, and of course we can’t forget about the shop owner, an equally charming individual if you have the time to talk with him, just remember to avoid the words “awesome” and “like”, they’re quite dull words anyway. And don’t forget every second Saturday of the month is free wine night with 10% off books for the evening, what’s not to love?!


I got so absorbed in the maze of of literature and the smell of beautiful books I simply couldn’t resist picking up a couple (perhaps un-needed) works for my currently shelf-less collection. So, I snagged “Poem of the Cid” and “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. I’ve been having a craving for “Wuthering Heights”‘s misty moors and tragically beautiful love story, an odd thing for me since I tend to avoid tragic endings at all cost. Perhaps my literary tastes are changing? Who knows. But for now I’m content to settle in with Heathcliff and a glass of red wine.


Clearly I adore Capitol Hill Books, it has certainly worked it’s way up my list of favorite bookstores (though still not number one). Definitely a D.C. must see. I hope to stop by it’s nearby neighbor Riverby Books soon with equally glowing reviews.




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